“Get the Best for Your Pet”: All About GPS Tracking Collars

As a dog owner, the safety of your furry friend is paramount. In the vast, ever-expanding world of pet products, one innovation stands out for keeping dogs secure – the GPS tracking collar. With technology’s evolution, our ability to keep tabs on our pets has reached new heights. No longer just a collar, this dog accessory now doubles as a tracking device, ensuring peace of mind for pet parents everywhere.

A Short History of Canine Tracking

Canine tracking has been around for ages, albeit in a primitive form. In the early days, it was the dog tags that served the purpose. As time advanced, so did the tech, with microchipping becoming the standard in the late 20th century. However, these methods had their limitations. Microchips are great, but they require your lost dog to be found by someone and taken to a vet. Enter GPS collars, a modern solution that lets you take a proactive role in finding your lost pet.

Unleashing the Power of GPS Tracking Collars

What’s a GPS tracking collar, you ask? Well, it’s a dog collar with a built-in GPS device. Once your pet dons the collar, it allows you to track their location from your smartphone or computer. Now, with a tap on the screen, you can locate your four-legged buddy, whether they’re in the backyard or have wandered off into the neighborhood.

GPS Tracking Collars: Pros and Cons

Before diving into the world of GPS tracking collars, let’s weigh the pros and cons:


  1. Real-time tracking: With a GPS collar, you can pinpoint your dog’s exact location in real time.
  2. Safe zones: Most GPS collars allow you to set up ‘safe zones’ and alert you if your pet leaves these areas.
  3. Health tracking: Some collars come with additional features, like monitoring your dog’s physical activity and health.


  1. Cost: GPS collars tend to be more expensive than traditional collars. There might also be monthly subscription fees.
  2. Battery life: Constant GPS tracking can drain the collar’s battery quickly, requiring regular charging.

Top Brands Offering GPS Tracking Collars

As the market for GPS tracking collars grows, so do your choices. Here are a few top-rated brands:

  • Whistle GO Explore: Known for its impressive battery life, this collar offers health monitoring features in addition to real-time location tracking.
  • Fi Series 2: Fi’s collar is designed for durability and longevity, and boasts the longest battery life in the game.
  • Link AKC Smart Collar: Combining sleek design with functionality, this collar includes a temperature alert feature, letting you know if your dog’s environment is too hot or cold.

Best Breeds for GPS Tracking Collars

GPS tracking collars can be beneficial for all dogs, but they’re especially valuable for breeds known for their adventurous spirit or hunting instincts, such as Beagles, Basset Hounds, or Siberian Huskies. For breeds that tend to stay close to home, like Bulldogs or Shih Tzus, a GPS collar might be a bit of overkill but will provide peace of mind.

On the flip side, smaller breeds or toy breeds might find the size and weight of some GPS collars uncomfortable. Hence, always check the weight and size recommendations before purchasing.

What the Future Holds: GPS Collars and Beyond

As the pet tech industry continues to evolve, the future of dog collars looks bright. Innovations such as AI-powered analytics, integrated cameras, and even bark-detecting technology are on the horizon. Who knows? Maybe the next-generation of GPS collars will include a ‘come home’ command that guides your dog back to you!

Ultimately, GPS tracking collars represent a perfect blend of tech and practicality, designed to protect your furry friend. While the decision to invest in a GPS collar will depend on your dog’s breed, size, and lifestyle, the peace of mind these devices offer is virtually priceless.

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